Reduce healthcare costs and insurance spending by improving access to care.

On-Site healthcare designed for small and mid-sized organizations.


On-Site Healthcare Reimagined

Worksite health clinics are one of the most effective ways for employers to lower healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism and increase employee productivity. However, building and managing an on-site clinic is often cost prohibitive for all but the largest employers.

At Employ Health, we’re working to change that. Our flexible, tech-enabled approach to on-site healthcare make this valuable benefit a reality for employers of all sizes.

What Our Clients Say

  • "Employ Health has found a way to provide affordable and quality onsite primary care clinics to our mid-sized employer clients, that used to only be available to employers with very large populations in one location.  Dose is helping our clients provide quality care to their employees, while significantly reducing their risk and cost for care."

    Austin Madison Senior VP, The Crichton Group
  • “Dose Healthcare is a win-win for both the employee and the employer! Our employees really like the on-site clinic! For them, it’s extremely convenient and cost saving. For the company, a reduction in lost time and medical claims.  Awesome!”

    Pam K. Director of Human Resources, The Neely Coble Company
  • “This is a great service to offer to our employees. It has really separated us from the competition.”

    Neely Coble, IV President, The Neely Coble Company

what we do

Here’s How We’re Different

Unlike traditional on-site health vendors, our model was designed to work best with small and mid-sized businesses.

Quick and Easy Setup

No renovations or build out is required. Our on-site healthcare solutions are designed to work within your existing space.

Turn key implementation

Our service won’t create additional work for your team. We handle everything from employee on-boarding to marketing communications.

Works Within Your Budget

Our pricing is based on the size and specific needs of your organization, so even the smallest employers find our service very affordable.

Flexible Scheduling

You decide how often to use our on-site healthcare services – from a few days a week, to a few days a month.

Our Services

Employee Wellness

Dose supports your employee wellness program, providing resources such as wellness coaching, biometric screenings and health risk assessments.

Primary Care

We provide a source for routine medical care including health promotion, disease prevention, patient education, and diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.

Acute Care

Our providers diagnose and treat acute on-set illnesses and injuries such as strep throat, ear aches, colds, flu and minor wounds.


Why Partner With Us?

We Care About Your Success

Employee Marketing

We use tried and true marketing techniques including email campaigns and targeted messaging to promote employee engagement and drive utilization.

Quarterly Reporting

Utilization reports and cost savings analyses are available on a quarterly basis so you can check in on results whenever its convenient for you.


Why Partner With Us?

Our Mobile App

Around the Clock Care

Employees can use our mobile app to request a virtual visit 7 days a week.

User friendly scheduling

Our app makes it quick and easy for employees to schedule and modify on-site appointment times.

on-site clinics
on-site clinics
on-site clinics
on-site clinics